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Xtend-Life is a New Zealand health company which began in 1998. Warren Matthews was 51 when he began researching supplements that could slow down the aging process after he lost everything in an ill-fated business deal. He sort the help of  bio-scientist Professor A. Munem Daoud to create a potent, complex, bio-available dietary supplement. Xtend-Life was created in the year 2000.

Their website states that they do comprehensive testing of raw ingredients and test every batch of product for micro-biological contamination.

They certainly have very comprehensive supplements that are fairly expensive but contain many more ingredients than the average multivitamin. If cost is a concern, then Multi-Xtra is cheaper and a good compromise.

Difference between xtend-life and other multivitamins

Quality metrics

Independent Certifications

None that Vitamin Inspector can find. Xtendlife were previously certified by AsureQuality but that information is no longer visible on xtendlife’s website.

Recalls 2015 to 2020





Quality Assurance

Read about xtendlife’s comprehensive quality controls in the supplement production process.

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