Why you should support Vitamin Inspector

Impartial results

Vitamin Inspector is in it’s infancy. It uses new technology to bring you unbiased supplement comparison results. We have built an intelligent engine that can rank and compare vitamins nutritionally. A great deal of research on how the human body processes nutrients is behind this engine. We have researched hundreds of vitamins and other nutrients but often need to do more research before we can add a new product. We would love to include as many products as possible but the research and data input takes time. Ordering through us will help us to keep this work up to date, enhance it and expand it.

Value for money

If you see a multi-vitamin here that would you would like to try, buying it through this site, will help us to continue this work. You are not likely to find it much cheaper elsewhere as, when there is a choice of supplier, we use suppliers that provide very good value for money.

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