Frequently asked questions

1.  How was Vitamin Inspector conceived?

Click to read The Vitamin Inspector Story.

2.  How much does shipping cost?

It varies depending on the supplier. To view detailed shipping information find your multi vitamin and follow the Order links.

3. Can I see the results in the currency of my country of origin?

Once you press Order most of our suppliers will show you the price based on your country of origin.

4.  Are the comparison results accurate?

Vitamin Inspector compares the amounts of nutrients in each supplement accurately when comparing nutrients that are the same. It displays the results rounded to the nearest whole percentile. This information also relies on the accuracy of the label. While we do check the integrity of our data entry it is possible that some errors are present. If you see anything that does not look right please contact us.

When matching ingredients that are similar but not the same, the system uses real scientific data from studies and artificial intelligence. Sometimes it also uses well recognised nutritional classifications that are not easily quantifiable, to match up multi-vitamins that are similar nutritionally. Often there is more than one similar substance that it could match. It has been designed to and invariably does match those that are closest, although we cannot guarantee it in every instance. Please get in touch if you see any comparisons that you feel are unwarranted. We are always working on refining our comparison algorithms and updating our research to make it as perfect as the current state of international nutritional knowledge allows.

5.  Is Vitamin Inspector completely unbiased?

The Vitamin Inspector software and the research behind it is completely impartial. To enable this work to continue, we make commissions or receive advertising income on the supplements we list and compare. Our software and research has taken many years to put together and we would have to ‘break’ it, to allow it to favour one product over another. Vitamin Inspector’s impartiality is what makes it valuable to us and to consumers.

Descriptions of multi-vitamins are based on what the manufacturers say. Articles contain educated opinions.

We make a commitment that comparison results will always remain unbiased.

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