How to compare multi vitamins nutritionally using Vitamin Inspector

1. Hover over the menu item, COMPARE MULTIVITAMINS, above

2. Choose the brand

3. Choose the link above each product to see a list of comparisons available

4. Click the multi-vitamin links to find the differences between this vitamin and another.

List of comparisons to Now Foods multi-vitamins

Understanding the Comparison Results

NOW Foods Kid Vits vs xtendlife Total Balance Children's summary comparison

Under the images of the bottles see the difference in total price, cost per day and number of nutrients.

Complete nutritional comparison with matched ingredients and differences visible

The Complete Nutritional Comparison shows matched nutrients side-by-side with the following symbols:


  • -58% ↓ OR  43% ↑ OR = (the differences in the amount of the ingredient)
  • ~ (means ingredients are similar nutritionally)
  • (beside ingredients in the first multi with no match in the second multi) OR  (for ingredients that are only present in the second multi)
  • information button (see the reasons for similar matches and for other important information when clicked)
Unmatched ingredients and in active ingredients
View the unmatched ingredients in both multi-vitamin products.

View a list of the non-active ingredients, such as binders and fillers, for each bottle, alongside each other.

Start comparing now

Choose a brand below:

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